All of our loadcenters come with high performing supply fans to ensure maximum uptime

  • Unlike exhaust fans which draw a vacuum, our supply fans push positive pressure into the cold aisle which not only improves overall cooling, but prevents moisture leaks from small gaps anywhere in the mining enclosure.
  • Our supply fans are located in the cold aisle and therefore never overheat or fail from the hot miner exhaust. Each fan is rated for 3 HP c/w high pitch fan blades which are designed to work against high static differential pressure.
  • Our fans are made with quality, direct drive TEFC cast iron motors and are VFD controlled. This eliminates unnecessary downtime from broken fan belts and allows our users to dynamically control overall cooling requirements as environmental conditions change.


All of our loadcenters come with power dense racks with an integrated PDU and network switch + ethernet

  • Each rack holds up to 24 miners and features replaceable laser cut inserts for hot/cold aisle separation to yield optimal cooling.
  • Each rack comes with a custom integrated PDU in both smart and basic options, as well as integrated network switches and cables.

All of our loadcenters come with power dense racks with an integrated PDU and network switch + ethernet

  • Each rack holds up to 24 miners and features replaceable laser cut inserts for hot/cold aisle separation to yield optimal cooling
  • Each rack comes with a custom integrated PDU in both smart and basic options, as well as integrated network switches and cables


Our PDUs are custom designed for our racks and are made with quality components and electrically certified for Canada and the US

  • Each PDU port is protected by its own integrated 20A hydraulic-magnetic breaker, which does not de-rate with ambient temp.
  • Our PDUs are offered in both 480Y277V or 415Y240V 3P rated input.
  • Each port also includes a cable management clip which prevents loose cables from arcing and burning out the socket.


All products come with two stages of filtration, an external pre-filter to catch bugs, snow and large particulates, followed by an internal primary pocket-style filter which offers a high surface area to catch finer dust


Unlike modified containers, our products are purpose built for maximum reliability



Unlike brick-and-mortar bitcoin mining facilities, portable bitcoin mining containers have several design constraints that have considerable effect on operational performance and reliability. Power density and reliability are difficult design challenges with portable infrastructure, yet are critical to customer success.

Upstream Data’s product design incorporates lessons learned from over seven years of field experience in the harshest and most remote environments, with hundreds of systems deployed worldwide. Our industry-leading experience is embedded in our products, with key features summarized below.

1Passive cooling vs Active cooling
Passive cooling means the mining container relies solely on the miners' fans for airflow, without additional fans. While it can be effective, it can lead to reduced performance if inlet air filtration creates a strong vacuum, and if miners go offline, heat from the hot aisle can cause overheating of nearby miners, leading to downtime. Active cooling, which provides extra airflow from additional fans, prevents this issue. We recommend active cooling unless the client is in a cooler climate and has easy access to on-site maintenance.
2Why are variable speed fans for mining containers ideal?
A well-designed container should handle all weather conditions, from heat waves to snow storms. Just because you are mining in Texas doesn’t mean a freak snow storm can’t wipe out your expensive miners. Variable speed fans adjust airflow based on miners' needs, optimizing energy use and ensuring reliable hashrate. Single-speed fans can lead to excessive power use and more frequent filtration maintenance, and in winter, they may draw in fine snow, potentially damaging miners by providing unnecessary airflow.
3Why are supply fans better than exhaust fans for mining containers?
Supply fans are upstream of the cold aisle, and exhaust fans are downstream of the hot aisle. Most air-cooled containers use exhaust fans, but they face two main issues: they operate at high temperatures (over 60°C) from the miner exhaust, which can cause motor failures, and they create a vacuum in the cold aisle that can draw in fine dust, snow or moisture through any cracks or holes, potentially damaging the miners. Common leak points are door jambs, wall penetrations and sealing areas around the filters.
4Why should I use thermal-magnetic breakers in your PDUs?
Belt-driven fans can be manufactured more compact and at less cost than direct-drive fans, which is better for enclosure layout, however belts break frequently (especially if they are exhaust fans located on the hot aisle), resulting in more frequent downtime and maintenance.
5Why should I use two-stage filtration for mining containers?
A prefilter is meant to catch bugs and large debris to prolong the lifespan of the primary filters before they must be cleaned or replaced, saving money on filtration and reducing maintenance cost and downtime.
6Why is heat recirculation important?
In cold climates, where snow can be a concern, it's crucial that heat recirculation directs heat upstream of the air inlet filters. Most containers recirculate heat inside the enclosure but downstream of the filters, which fails to melt snow on the filters and can lead to miner overheating from air blockage, or even filter collapse from the resulting pressure differential. Our patented system directs heat upstream of the filters, preventing snow or ice blockages and protects your valuable miners from catastrophe.
7Why should you use hydraulic-magnetic breakers in your PDUs?
Unlike thermal circuit breakers, the hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers trip point is unaffected by ambient temperature. After tripping, the breaker may be reclosed immediately since there is no cooling down time necessary.
8Why should you use smart PDUs, remote control and automation for mining containers?
Smart PDUs enable users to diagnose individual miners before scheduled maintenance. In remote locations with no full-time staff, remote management and automation are crucial for protecting miners from changing environmental and power conditions, providing great reliability. Our patented LoadSync™ controller automates all aspects of our mining products, including HVAC, PDUs, miners, and generators for the Hash Generator product line™. With LoadSync™, users can automatically synchronize mining load to power supply requirements. Whether you are mining off-grid with natural gas generators or on-grid on ERCOT’s CLR program, our automation has you covered.

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