Innovative loadcenter products

Whether you are looking to mine bitcoin in the scorching summer heat of a west Texas wind farm or the freezing cold of a northern Alberta oil well, we got you covered. With both air and water cooling options designed for the harshest on-grid and off-grid environments, our modular bitcoin mining loadcenters offer industry leading cooling and environmental protection to keep your ASICs safe!

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Sell natural gas for cash!

Are you struggling with vented, flared, or economically stranded natural gas liabilities? Our Hash Generator™ product line integrates a natural gas generator and a bitcoin mining loadcenter into a skidded, complete plumb-&-play package. Simply plumb it in and immediately start converting methane into cash with zero sunk costs or long-term midstream contracts. Purchase a generator and we will pay up to $4 USD / Mscf on fuel gas used to sell us power!

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LoadSyncTM Controller

Our patented LoadSyncTM  control system enables automatic and remote load modulation for all of our loadcenter products. Install it in your loadcenter to optimize and automate performance and control your equipment remotely. Our built in automation will even optimize server loading in response to a wide range of inputs, including generator frequency, power plant capacity, fuel supply, weather conditions, market price, and more!

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We serve the power generation and oil and gas industries

Bitcoin Mining Loadcenters

Mining bitcoin? We offer modular loadcenters for every application!

Engine Machining and Rebuilding

In need of engine repair? We specialize in rebuilding natural gas engines.

Steel Skids and Buildings

We offer steel fabrication, self-framer buildings and enclosures to fit your needs.

Natural Gas Power Generation

We specialize in natural gas generating sets up to 500 HP in capacity

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We optimize power generation in both the utility power industry and the oil and gas sector.