Hash Generator™

Natural gas generator + loadcenter in a compete, plumb & play skidded package!

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LoadSync™ Controller

Add our patented LoadSync™ Controller to your loadcenter for automatically managed load response.

Smart PDU

Upgrade to smart power distribution with remote / automated circuit control and metering! 480V service available.

480V Service

Connect directly to 480V without costly step-down transformers (custom ASIC PSUs may be required)


We manufacture steel buildings custom to our customer's needs. We can build your loadcenter in the color to match your brand.

SPECS - Air Cooled Hash Generator™

  Hash Generator 50 Hash Generator 90 Hash Generator 180
Rated Power (kW) 50 90 180
Engine - Prime Power Rating (kWe) 65 100 200
EPA certified No Yes
Fuel Type Natural Gas / Propane
Estimated fuel consumption (Mcf/d) 12 25 50
Electrical Input 3-phase, 416Y240V, 60 Hz
Main Breaker Rating (A) 150 200 300
Main Switchgear Included? YES
AC Module Quantity 1 1 2
Total Rated CFM 8000 19500 39000
VFD (HP) N/A (single speed) 10 10
Server Slots 12 24 48

Hundreds of Hash Generators all over North America

In 2017 we introduced the world to conserving vented and flared natural gas via bitcoin mining and have constantly improved our modular Hash Generator™ product line ever since.

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We optimize power generation in both the utility power industry and the oil and gas sector.